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Hainich National Park: Forest from Above

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Hainich National Park: Forest from Above


2000 years ago, nature in Germany looked completely different- beech trees dominated the landscape between northern Germany and the Alps. Today, only small areas remain. One of these is the Hainich National Park in Thuringia, home to wild animals and many plant species. You can come especially close to them on a path almost 24 meters high, allowing you to walk above and through the highest part of the trees. You can go even higher up with the tower where you can see this forest from 44 meters above and take a look at how Germany looked once upon a time.

Hainich National Park

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Habiba Knafeh

Delicious Sweets in Downtown Amman

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You can spend a great evening in Jordan’s capital, Amman, strolling through the streets of its crowded downtown and trying the mouthwatering food sold by the street vendors.

Along the streets of the city center are shops and kiosks serving fresh juice and food including richly flavored Hummus, hot Falafel, tasty Shawerma and grilled meat or chicken served on skewers.

The best downtown Amman has to offer, however, is Arabic sweets. For delicious Knafeh, head to Habiba, a small shop tucked in an alleyway on King Faisal Street near the Arab Bank building. Habiba is famous for its Knafeh, made from a special kind of dough and goat cheese and is served hot and drizzled with syrup; the taste is heavenly.