How to Transform Negative Energy to Positive Energy

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… The human resource specialist explained that if you face any of these causes you may be experiencing negative energy but you can move away from that through transforming it into positive energy through the following 10 steps:

  1. Return to God in saying and action
  2. Always repeat the phrase, “I am capable, I can achieve all my ambitions whatever the circumstances” and imagine you are in the place you dream of, see yourself succeeding, people clapping for you and the world speaking of you. Live the moment deeply until your subconscious mind believes it and opens the door of positive success to you.
  3. Believe in values, role models and sound life principles
  4. Create a clear future plan executable in a specific time frame
  5. Expose yourself to the sun, exercise, pray and feel gratitude
  6. Discover your skills and positive qualities to put them to use
  7. Attract positive energy through attracting positive thoughts
  8. Focus on the solution when facing crises
  9. Benefit from your own and others’ experiences of failure and success
  10. Learn skills of effectively communicating with others as well as thinking and success skills

Read the full Arabic article in Al Ghad newspaper.

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This article was originally published on BarakaBits on 13/08/2015.