ResQ Club: The Cool App from Finland on a Mission to Fight Food Waste


After bringing us Nokia phones and Angry Birds, Finland newest technological innvation is ResQ Club, a smartphone application and website that offers a solution to food waste. ResQ Club connects people looking for restaurant food and restaurants with a surplus of meals offered at a discount price. It’s a win-win situation where both parties save not just food that would have gone to waste, but also money and energy. The application uses your location to help you find a participating restaurant near you. Once you find the restaurant you would like to eat from a menu of the dishes on offer today and their prices are shown.  You can then arrange to pick up your meal at whatever time suits you.

According to its website, there are more than 400 participating restaurants (mostly in Europe) and more than 125,000 meals saved (40,000 kilograms of food!). That’s equal to 5,000,000 km of CO₂ emissions driven.

ResQ Club, can you please make your way to the rest of the world? And can the Arab world be your next stop?

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For more information or to oder your next meal from ResQ Club: Visit ResQ Club’s website and Facebook page.

The Fed Up Challenge: No Sugar For 10 Days


After watching the documentary Fed Up directed by Katie Couric, I was surprised to learn just how much influence big companies in the food industry influence the food policies the government adopts that have a direct effect on the health of children and families and how it’s really just about the money- not the health of the people. They are willing to do anything, from convincing Congress that pizza is a vegetable to targeting  children through advertisements, to bring in the big bucks. With sugar-laden junk food popping up at every corner from school cafeterias to pharmacies, it can be very difficult to avoid sugar. And having more than 50 different names for ingredients that are essentially sugar and have the same dangerous effect in the body doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s time to take things into our own hands. Enter the 10-Day Fed Up Challenge aka No (Added) Sugar for 10 days. Below is an introduction and details form the Fed Up movie website:

The Fed Up Challenge is a national campaign to break loose from the sugar industry’s powerful grip – with a particular focus on kids and schools! We’re asking individuals, kids, schools, parents and communities to join us in going sugar free for 10 days. Giving up sugar will be tough because sugar is everywhere and we all crave it, but setting that kind of healthy example for your kids is all the inspiration you’ll need to get through.

Start by cutting sodas and other sweetened beverages and foods that have ADDED sugars. EAT real, fresh, whole foods and lay off all products that contain added sugar including honey, molasses, agave, etc., and all liquid sugars, such as sodas, bottled teas, fruit juices, and sports drinks. This includes all artificial sugars and sugar substitutes.

No exceptions, so don’t ask! Artificial sweeteners slow your metabolism and make you crave and eat more food. Also, be aware of foods that may have hidden sugars, like yogurts, canned foods, spaghetti sauce, and ketchup. Watch for hidden names of sugar. Also try cutting out all flour products that turn to sugar in your body.

Sounds challenging, but our health is worth it. Show your body some love and it shall reciprocate. Let’s give it a shot!

Visit the Fed Up movie website to learn more about the movie and challenge.


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Mudar, syrian refugee cooks Tabuleh with German president

Tabouleh Brings Syrian Refugees and Germans Together

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صاحب الـ31 ربيعاً، فاجأ “العربية.نت” بدايةً بعدم خبرته بفن الطبخ عند وصوله ألمانيا، لكنها كانت هواية تطورت بمشروع الاندماج الذي أسسته جمعية أوبر دين تيلراند كوخن، التي شارك فيها مضر وتسعى في أهدافها إلى تحقيق عملية اندماج طويلة الأمد عبر بناء مجتمع متعدد الثقافات، من خلال مشاريع متعددة بينها الطبخ، يشارك فيها كل فئات المجتمع، بحسب موقعها الرسمي: هذا ما حفزني لتطوير هوايتي في المطبخ السوري كان الهدف نشر الثقافة السورية واللقمة الطيبة بنفس الوقت، وبحمد الله حصلت على جائزة أفضل طباخ في برلين لعام 2015 أنا ومجموعتي

مضر أوضح أن فكرة المشروع التي بدأت من مشروع تخرج لأربعة طلاب ألمان تقوم على تقريب اللاجئين السوريين من الشعب الألماني من خلال الطبخ وتشارك المعرفة: بدأنا بتطوير فكرة المشروع لأن الطبخ رابط عالمي فالجميع يحب الأكل

Al was surprised to find out that the 31-year-old dud not have culinary experience before arriving in Germany. It was a hobby he developed when he participated in the integration project established by Tellerand Küchen, which aims to achieve long-term integration by building a multicultural society through a variety of projects, including cooking, open to everyone. According to its official website: “This is what motivated me to develop my hobby in cooking Syrian cuisine. My goal was to spread Syrian culture and good food at the same time and all praise be to Allah, my team and I received the 2015 Best Chef in Berlin Award.”

Mudar clarified that the project idea, which began as four German students’ graduation project,  aims to bring Syrian refugees closer to the German people through cooking and sharing knowledge: We started developing the project’s idea because cooking is a universal link; everyone loves food.”

Read Mohammad Al Hassan’s original Arabic article on Al

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Ramadan Memories Shared by 30 Faces from 30 Places

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The Muslim community is rich with diversity. This diversity in culture and tradition can be seen in the different ways people celebrate the holy month of Ramadan around the world. This Ramadan, Islamic Relief USA delivered food packages to 30 countries. To capture the unique ways Ramadan is celebrated in each of these 30 countries, Islamic Relief worked with photographer Ridwan Adhami. During this Ramadan, Adhami took photos of Muslims in the United States who originate from these 30 countries. Every day of the month, Adhami shared with the world a new photo and memory of Ramadan from a new country.

The countries range in culture and location from Zimbabwe and Albania to South Africa and Somalia. Also among the countries are those in the Middle East and North Africa region:  Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia and Sudan. Here are some of the photos and memories shared:

30 faces, 30 places tunisia ridzdesign ramadan

Day 4: Ramadan in Tunisia

“We had a revolution, but before that for over 20 years, hijab was against the law, and mosques were closed for the vast majority of the day. So there’s still not a lot of mosque life. I felt it. It’s always been a fine line, people tip-toeing around what’s allowed.”

30 faces, 30 places palestine ridzdesign ramadan

Day 9: Ramadan in Palestine

“The kids go out in groups with the lanterns. And it was safe, you never worried about bombs. It was so peaceful. We would take the lanterns and knock on doors. We would say, ‘wahaweeya wahawee’ and they would open the door and give us candy. Every night in Ramadan I looked forward to it.”

Day 11 entry Ridzdesign Imam Magid

Day 11: Ramadan in Sudan

“There’s a very nice tradition in Sudan where the people in the neighborhood would bring the food every night outside on the street and break fast in the street, and they would not allow anyone passing by to pass without sitting and eating. There would be some people who would stand in the road and insist for people to get off their buses and stop the cars to join the iftar, and they would insist for you to not be driving after sunset.”

30 faces, 30 places Day 13 Ridz design Souheil lebanon

Day 13: Ramadan in Lebanon

“Ramadan has a great flavor…different from any other time of the year.”

30 faces, 30 places syria ridzdesign ramadan

Day 14: Ramadan in Syria

“Every family would send a child before maghrib time to the neighborhood shop to get fresh falafel, hummus, and atayef. The most important thing is the atayef.”

30 faces, 30 places iraq ridzdesign ramadan

Day 21: Ramadan in Iraq

“It’s as if you are going back to live those beautiful memories. Although we share so many traditions and customs, there is something very special for each town, for each city.”

To view more photos and read more memories from the series visit Ridwan Adhami’s Facebook page, Instagram and the Islamic Relief USA website.


This article was originally published on BarakaBits on July 7, 2016.