Egyptian Globe-Trotter: “The most dangerous and difficult journey I embarked on was the journey of discovering myself, my inner journey.”

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Egyptian globe-trotter Islam Kamel embarked on many adventures. He climbed the world’s most famous mountains, swam with white sharks in the Atlantic, walked alongside lions in the jungles of Zambia, befriended the gorillas of the Congo mountains, and crossed the world’s most turbulent rivers in a rubber boat. He is also the first Arab to dive under the Antarctic ice sheet, among many other adventures. But when we asked him about the most difficult adventure he has had, his answer is unexpected: “The most dangerous and difficult journey I embarked on was the journey of discovering myself, my inner journey.”

Islam finds that travel gives him the chance to rediscover himself. He says, “I find that during travel, no matter how strange the destination is, it’s another journey to the inside, to discover the self, challenge it, test the limits of its skill; it is a chance to develop and grow into a better human being on several levels. I used to fear, water, dogs, and even cats! Then, in one moment, I decided to face all these fears, to push past their limits. For example, if I feared sharks, then I would have to swim with them and so in constantly pushing the limits of what I thought were my maximum abilities. I started testing myself in different situations when I found that only when we give ourselves the chance to try are we really surprised with what we can do. That is the basis of my philosophy in life now.”

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Read the full Arabic article by Mustafa Fathi.

Writers’ Cell 10 Confessions Challenge

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Day 1

What is a beginning? ما هي البداية

beginning dimamasri writers cell challenge

Day 2

Fear writers cell dima masri

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Day 3

What is love?  ما هو الحب

ديمة المصري love writers cell الحب

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Day 4

expression writerscell dima masri

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dima masri writers cell challenge day 4 expression

Day 5

writers cell challenge day 6 dima masri

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rejection dima masri writerscell challenge day 5

Day 6

WritersCell loneliness challenge dima masri

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dima masri writers cell challenge loneliness

Day 7

Writerscell confessions day 7 dima masri

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writers cell confessions dim masri

Day 8

Writers Cell Confessions Day 8 Dima Masri

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WritersCell Confessions day 8 dima masri

Day 9



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Writers Cell Confessions Day 9 Dima Masri



Day 10

Writers' Cell Day 10 Challenge

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