A Japanese Surprise…Beware of the Victory Sign

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In a strange piece of news, the National Institute of Information in Japan announced that making the v-sign in photos is not recommended, in fact completely unsafe,  as it may lead to identity theft.

According to DP Review, a website concerned with the latest technologies in the world of photography, a report issued by the Institute said that the technology of determining fingerprints has become so unbelievably advanced that it can now determine the hand- or fingerprints of any individual through a simple photo published on SnapChat or any other social media network. They warned that the technology is widely available and easy to use.

According to the Institute, this advancement is thanks to smart phones with high resolution cameras that can capture much detail. Researchers were able to copy fingerprints from a photo that was taken using a mobile phone three meters away from the subject. However, naturally, the copying requires that the fingerprints be clear in the photo and that the photo be taken somewhere bright and that it meets a certain size and quality.


Read the original Arabic article published on Al Arabiya on 19 January, 2017.

Mudar, syrian refugee cooks Tabuleh with German president

Tabouleh Brings Syrian Refugees and Germans Together

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صاحب الـ31 ربيعاً، فاجأ “العربية.نت” بدايةً بعدم خبرته بفن الطبخ عند وصوله ألمانيا، لكنها كانت هواية تطورت بمشروع الاندماج الذي أسسته جمعية أوبر دين تيلراند كوخن، التي شارك فيها مضر وتسعى في أهدافها إلى تحقيق عملية اندماج طويلة الأمد عبر بناء مجتمع متعدد الثقافات، من خلال مشاريع متعددة بينها الطبخ، يشارك فيها كل فئات المجتمع، بحسب موقعها الرسمي: هذا ما حفزني لتطوير هوايتي في المطبخ السوري كان الهدف نشر الثقافة السورية واللقمة الطيبة بنفس الوقت، وبحمد الله حصلت على جائزة أفضل طباخ في برلين لعام 2015 أنا ومجموعتي

مضر أوضح أن فكرة المشروع التي بدأت من مشروع تخرج لأربعة طلاب ألمان تقوم على تقريب اللاجئين السوريين من الشعب الألماني من خلال الطبخ وتشارك المعرفة: بدأنا بتطوير فكرة المشروع لأن الطبخ رابط عالمي فالجميع يحب الأكل

Al Arabiya.net was surprised to find out that the 31-year-old dud not have culinary experience before arriving in Germany. It was a hobby he developed when he participated in the integration project established by Tellerand Küchen, which aims to achieve long-term integration by building a multicultural society through a variety of projects, including cooking, open to everyone. According to its official website: “This is what motivated me to develop my hobby in cooking Syrian cuisine. My goal was to spread Syrian culture and good food at the same time and all praise be to Allah, my team and I received the 2015 Best Chef in Berlin Award.”

Mudar clarified that the project idea, which began as four German students’ graduation project,  aims to bring Syrian refugees closer to the German people through cooking and sharing knowledge: We started developing the project’s idea because cooking is a universal link; everyone loves food.”

Read Mohammad Al Hassan’s original Arabic article on Al Arabiya.net