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SoulPancake: Making Entertainment That Matters

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While taking Berkeley’s Science of Happiness course, I was introduced to SoulPancake- my new favorite YouTube channel. I became even more drawn to it after finding out, as any fan of The Office would,  that Rainn Wilson, who plays the hilarious, sometimes annoying, certainly one of a kind character, Dwight Schrute, is the Co-Founder.

According to its website, “SoulPancake is the world’s most recognized positive and inspiring media and entertainment company. [They] create smart, uplifting, meaningful, shareable content targeted to the Optimistic Millennial.” And that’s the kind of media I love!

SoulPancake’s shows include Science of Happiness, short documentary videos that explore happiness through fun social experiments. Another unique show is My Last Days which introduces viewers to the inspiring stories of people with terminal illnesses. To prove just how positive SoulPancake is and how contagious positivity can be, one episode drew over 14 million views, many celebrities, and helped raise over $750,000 for Osteosarcoma. Then there’s Have a Little Faith– one of my favorites. Zach Anner, the show’s host, is funny, open-minded and hearted, and is on a mission to find out about different religions, a topic he says he doesn’t know much about. He started the first episode with learning about Islam from nineteen-year-old Marwa. I’m sure we all could learn a bit more about many religions. Watch the show to learn about Quakers, Jews, and Baha’is from those who practice the religions themselves and you’ll discover just how much our beliefs and the principles they teach share in common.

Yallah! Go watch an episode or two, you won’t regret it! Plus, don’t you just love the name? SoulPancake. Fluffy and yummy comfort food for the the soul.

For more information, visit SoulPancake’s website and YouTube Channel.