Turkish retiree and his rooster, Chili Shalabi and Chili (photo credit: Anadolu Agency)

The Turkish Retiree Who Befriended a Rooster

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Turkish retiree Ismail Shalabi made a special friend when he retired, a friend who added a certain beauty and flavor to his life, but was also sometimes the source of negative comments from his friends.

Shalabi (62 years old) takes his rooster friend Chili with him everywhere: he has him sit next to him in the car, takes him shopping and to the coffee shop, and also shares his hobbies with him; Chili is the first to hear Shalabi’s poems.
In a conversation with Anadolu, Shalabi said, “Chili has become my retirement friend. I feel happy when I spend time with him. I have chickens and other roosters, but Chili has a special place in my heart. He is my best friend. I go everywhere with him. I feel like he almost talks to me and shares my worries.”
Shalabi, who is a father of three, likens his love for Chili to that of his children, saying, “Sometimes, I can’t sleep at night and wonder if Chili is ok, so I go outside and check on him.”
Shalabi is sad that some of his friend do not understand the feelings he has for Chili as they talk about him behind his back and wonder if he has lost his mind. He wonders, sadly, ” Is loving animals crazy?”
This a translation of an article that was published on Al Jazeera citing Anadolu Agency.
Photo credit: Anadolu Agency