Figs and olives

What happens to the human body when figs and olives are eaten together?


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Despite our knowledge of the benefits of fruits, vegetables and many foods, there always remains something new to learn about and benefit from; the biggest example is eating figs and olives together. This is not a new recipe, as it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, however, it was scientifically proven and it was discovered that this recipe is the equivalent of a miracle for the human body. Methalonids¬†are responsible for the vitality of the body and maintaining its youthfulness. The brain releases this substance in the body from age 15-35 and then it gradually decreases after the age of 40. This substance is also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels as a dietary supplement. It also strengthens the heart, eliminates signs of old age and assists in regulation. All these benefits are a result of the substance, Methalonid.

A Japanese research team was able to extract Methalonids from figs ad olives. The Japanese team confirmed “the effective substance, Methalonid, present in figs is only effective when mixed with the substance found in olives”.

The Japanese team stated that “the ratio that yields the best results is one fig to seven olives.”


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