June 18 “The Rabbit and the Fox”


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Once upon a time, there lived a little rabbit in a forest. The rabbit loved to know everything. He wanted to know everything about everything. One day, he saw the fox and asked him, “Mr. Fox, can you tell me why everyone thinks you’re so tricky? Everyone knows you’re the smartest animal in the whole entire forest, but I don’t know why.” The fox replied, “If you come to my house for dinner tonight I’ll tell you all you need to know.”

In the evening, the little rabbit went to the fox’s house and sat at his dining table but he noticed that all the plates on the table were empty so he asked the fox, “Aren’t we going to eat tonight?” The fox replied, “You’re a smart rabbit, you should have known that you, delicious little rabbit, are what I will be having for dinner tonight. “And today I’m especially happy because I didn’t have to go looking for my dinner, it came to me all by itself.”