Khalid Al Ameri

Follow This Emirati For a Dose of Positivity and Empowerment


Khalid Al Ameri, Emirati blogger, columnist, and motivational speaker is on a mission to change the world for the better. How? Through his passion for writing. In his articles and posts, Khalid discusses social issues through stories from his personal life.

Al Ameri talks about believing in yourself and having the courage to follow your dreams, writes about marriage and relationships and tweets empowering messages. His online presence is made even more unique through his sharing of precious family moments. In one piece for example, along with a photo of his son hugging him tightly, Khalid shares, “Our moments on this earth are limited, but what isn’t limited is how beautiful we can make each moment.” Through simple and honest words, Al Ameri reminds us of the things that matter most in life and of our ability to lead better, happier lives.

Khalid Al Ameri’s openness about the lessons he’s learned and the personal moments he captures and shares, as well as his commitment to making the world a better place through the positivity of his words and actions make him one person you must follow.

For more information: Follow @KhalidAlAmeri on Twitter and visit his website.

This article was originally published on BarakaBits on 13/08/2015.