Nedal Kersh of Falafelbaren

Falafelbaren: Stockholm’s First and Only Falafel Bar


Since 2013, Nidal Kersh and his partner, Jenny Hedström, have been running Falafelbaren, “Stockholm’s first and only falafel bar”. In a short period of time, the small business has become very successful.

However, things weren’t always that easy. When Kersh first started, he used to peddle around Sweden’s streets on his tricycle, serving Falafel, made using a recipe he got from his uncle in Palestine. He says his decision to sell falafel is probably due to his heritage and the fact that his father is the owner of Sweden’s first fresh hummus factory.

The couple opened the store because they “wanted to sell falafel as it’s done in the Middle East-fried on order”. Two years into the business, Falafelbaren continues to serve fresh, crunchy falafel to Swedes who love it.

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This article was originally published on BarakaBits on 28/08/2015.