Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, co-founders of Bokja Design Studio

Bokja Design Studio: Transforming Textiles and Furniture


Houda Baroudi and Maria Hibri got together in Lebanon in 2000 and combined their passions for vintage textiles and furniture. Together, they founded Bokja Design Studio, where new and vintage textiles are used to create vibrant handmade accessories and furniture pieces.


These talented designers create beautiful pieces while giving back to the community. Their team is composed of local designers, artisans and carpenters. In addition, the textiles they use are sourced in the Middle East. On their website they say, “Bokja designs begin with a desire to share overlooked beauty in its most simple form, while capturing the essence of what it once meant and stood for. We layer history and memories while adding depth and dialogue to our work.”


Bokja has traveled to Kuwait, Milan, China and France. Their installations address world event while staying true to their design concepts and creating eye-catching pieces. One such piece is Arab Spring/Arab Fall, which was presented at Sultan Gallery in Kuwait. The piece shows two juxtaposed maps of the Arab world, each with a different message. The Arab Spring map uses an antique rug to show “the core values of the Arab culture that should be the bases of any new beginning”. In contrast, the Arab Fall maps uses imported jeans to represent “…an Arab world where imported fads and fast foods have replaced the timeless traditions and native delicacies.”

For more information: visit Bokja Design Studio’s website, blog and you can follow them on Facebook.

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This article was originally published on BarakaBits on 10/09/2015.