Christophe Roussel designs a cake

Christophe Roussel, France

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Christophe Roussel is the Willy Wonka of the patisserie world. He enjoys transforming traditional patisseries by giving them bright colors and interesting names, such as Electroshock.

Christophe Roussel’s kitchen, L’Atelier Gourmand, located in La Baule on the northern coast of France, with its vast creative space, draws even more similarities between him and the Roald Dahl character. Roussel and his team of seventeen explore chocolate and dough; forty new recipes are released each year.

Christophe Roussel, who has worked in the Meridien Resort on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, approaches food as an artist does his canvas. “I begin by brainstorming with my wife, then I like to draw with a pencil. After that, I think of the flavors, look, and ingredients of the final product,” he explains.